Eco Friendly Windows

Did you know Alliance Windows are Eco-friendly?

  • Our products are exceptionally energy smart and weather tight, which reduce fuel consumption to heat and cool homes.
  • Our Energy Star qualified insulated glass package reduces energy costs and consumption of fossil fuels year round.
  • Our windows reduce electricity usage. A study conducted by Franklin Assoc. found that using vinyl over alternative window framing options saves us nearly 2 million BTUs of energy a year.  That’s enough to meet yearly electrical needs of 20,000 single-family homes.
  • Our product has a long service life of over 25 years and at the end of its life it can be recycled.
  • There’s minimal waste. All in plant vinyl scrap is recycled into other useful products.
  • It never needs to be painted so it eliminates paint, stain, and other maintenance related products from entering waste stream or releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.
  • It’s Eco-friendly because vinyl resin is derived from common salt – a renewable and abundant natural resource.
  • Alside and other window manufacturers divert more than 8 million pounds of window profile waste from landfills annually through a successful buy-back program.
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