Introduction to Alliance WNC Windows

Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey, guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn and I’ve got Rob Cole with me with Alliance WNC Windows. How are you doing today, Rob?

Rob Cole:  Great, Jeremy. How are you?

Jeremy Ashburn: Doing good, doing good. We’re doing just a series of videos here to just introduce you guys to Rob and you guys can get to know the company and that kind of stuff. I thought we would do in this first little video, just introduce you. Let’s talk about your background and how you got into the window installation business.

About Logangate Timber Homes

Rob Cole: Okay. Our sister company is called Logangate Timber Homes, and that company’s been in business for 50 years. I’ve had it for the last 17 or 18 now, 18 years. And when the housing crash happened in 2007, 2008, the new construction just took a deep slide, and so we decided hey, we need to diversify a little bit.

Typically, when the economy’s really good, everybody builds new, and when the economy’s bad, everybody renovates. Again, we thought diversification would be smart, and so in late 2009 or early 2010 we started Alliance WNC Windows.

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay, got it. And you primarily focus on residential, commercial, or what broad sense, in window installation?

Rob Cole: Almost exclusively do we do residential. Very rare, once in a while we’ll do some commercial applications, but most exclusively just residential.

Jeremy Ashburn: Gotcha. And then you’ve been doing it since what, ’10 or ’11.

Rob Cole: 2010.

Jeremy Ashburn: 2010, okay.

Rob Cole: Early 2010.

The Ideal Client

Jeremy Ashburn: Who would be your ideal sort of client? If come across someone or anyone watching this is a really good client, who would be a good client for you?

Rob Cole: Sure. We get calls all the time, and most times they’ve already made the determination that they need new windows. But obviously, points like … they don’t even operate very, first of all. And a lot of times in communities like this, you have a lot of older homes, built in the early 1900s to even to the 1970s, where they have the old wood windows. And sometimes those windows are just out flat out painted shut. Sometimes when you open them, the balance system … the balance system is the part that holds the sash up and when you lift it up, so it stays up … sometimes those are not working anymore, so you’ll see people put sticks underneath them to help hold those windows up. That’s kind of the mechanical parts of it that doesn’t work.

And then another obviously is the energy efficiency part of it. A lot of the homes still, believe it or not, have single pane glass. And when you have these old windows that expanded and contracted for quite a time, that begins to create gaps and leaks and you leak air into your room, into your house. And glass technology has really changed dramatically, too. Really since 2000 has it really changed.

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay.

Rob Cole: Really, really improved.

How to Reach Rob

Jeremy Ashburn: So it’s a lot more energy efficient. And we’ll talk more about that in other kind of videos. If somebody’s interested in the whole process, they’re thinking, wow, I need to replace some windows, what would be … they need to call you, what’s the best way to reach you?

Rob Cole: Yeah, the first thing is just to call me. I typically will pick up the phone. We’re owner operated. We have our own installers, as well, but I’ll pick up the phone and we’ll schedule an appointment. Installation is half the battle, so we really have to come to that house. Not only so that I could show you the windows and our process, but so that we can get a good understanding of what’s involved with the install. That way I can quote it accurately and make sure that we’re going to do the best job for you.

That appointment’s set. Typically, I can quote right at that time. If I need to do a little homework, a little more digging on some special situations, then I’ll email that quote, but typically you’ll have the quote right when we’re done. And most importantly, we are an absolute no pressure type of situation. I’m a processor myself. I hate being pressured, so I don’t pressure. We have a no sales pressure guarantee.

Jeremy Ashburn: Do you have trip charges to come to the house and do an estimate?

Rob Cole: Yeah, estimates are completely free.

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay.

Rob Cole: No problem.

Jeremy Ashburn: Because I do know, I’ve been working with a plumber and he does no trip charges and some of the companies out there will charge just to come out to do an estimate. They’ll charge the gas. They’ll be real high pressure, so that’s nice.  Free estimates, come to your house, and then the number is 828-628-0911. You’re going to call Rob directly. And also is the website, and you can learn more about them, read their blog, and get to know Rob and learn the process. Thanks for your time.

Rob Cole: All right. Thanks.



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