Why Should I Replace My Windows

Why Should I Replace my Windows?

Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey, guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got Rob with me. How you doing, Rob?

Rob Cole: Good, Jeremy, Good.

Jeremy Ashburn: Now, this is Rob Cole with Alliance WNC Windows, and they do a variety of window replacement in your home, and they’ve been doing it … You guys have been doing it for five or six years, now?

Rob Cole: Since 2010, early 2010.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows

Jeremy Ashburn: So, coming up on eight years. Now, of course, these guys are a window replacement company, and I think we should start at the beginning with asking the question, why should I replace my windows?

Rob Cole: It’s a good question. There’s a couple reasons, and the most obvious one is that they actually don’t work. We’ve seen lots of situations where we come into homes and one … It’s an older community. Asheville is an older community, so there’s a lot of older homes with old wood windows, and sometimes they’re just flat out painted shut. Sometimes we’ll see where the sash, that’s the part you raise or lower, they’ll have sticks of wood underneath them because the balance systems are busted, and it won’t hold the sash up any longer. So, just from an operational standpoint is one main reason why people will call us.

Secondly is the energy efficiency. There’s still a lot of windows out there that are single-paned windows that are not very energy efficient at all. They’re letting a lot of heat escape the house. So, energy efficiency is another big one.

And then, cosmetically. Sometimes, some windows even have two pieces of glass, but the seal is filled, which has allowed moisture to get inside between the two panes of glass. If you’ve ever seen a window that’s kind of, you can’t clean ever, or it’s always fogged up, that’s a seal failure, and obviously, it’s terrible. You can’t even really look out, apparently. So, that’s another reason why we get those calls.

About Energy Efficiency

Jeremy Ashburn: Definitely. Okay, so, that gives you kind of really good reasons why you’d want to replace the windows. And I guess, let’s touch on the energy efficiency. I know we’re going to do one specific full video on that, but what kind of energy efficiency difference can I experience in replacing my windows right now?

Rob Cole: I am not the overly salesperson that’s going to tell you you’re going to save thousands every year. You will have savings from your energy bills. Maybe, I think the estimates are … It obviously depends on how many windows you have in your house, and how big your house is, but I think the estimates are anywhere from $200 to maybe, max $1000 a year in savings. So, it will take some time to get that payback, as well.

Jeremy Ashburn: Right, definitely. Well, that definitely makes a difference, especially if you’re not having to run the heat, right? From a convenience perspective, you’re not having to run the AC all the time, or the heat all the time. That makes it easier for us, as well.

Rob Cole: It does. And of course, less equipment is being used, the AC and the heater not being used as much, so it’s not as much wear and tear.

Jeremy Ashburn: Yeah. I had to replace something on the air conditioner last summer, and there was a small, just $200 charge, band I was like, “Whew!” Because I know an AC can be $3-5 grand, or $10 grand or more to replace. So, that can be a huge difference. That could be a $5 or $10k savings there, if you want to look at money.

Rob Cole: And the other part of it os basically comfort in your home. I mean, some folks will tell me, they’ll be sitting next to a window, and there’s so much air leaking through, and it’s typically cold air, if it’s that time of season, and they can’t even enjoy a certain room because it’s just too chilly to sit in there.

Jeremy Ashburn: Oh, yeah.

Rob Cole: So, just your mere comfort, as well.

Jeremy Ashburn: So, if you have a room that’s especially cold, that makes a difference. Does that meant that the windows in that room is …

Rob Cole: It could be that, or it could be other things. Windows and attic insulation are probably the two most important things to try and improve energy efficiency of a home.

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay.

Rob Cole: Those two things. Wall insulation is probably third, and floor insulation is probably fourth.

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay.

Rob Cole: But windows are big.

The Process for Doing Window Replacements

Jeremy Ashburn: Now, if you’re thinking about doing a window replacement, let’s talk about the process. I know you’ll do free estimates, with no trip charges. So, you’ll come to … If I need my windows replaced, you’ll come to my house and give me an estimate by doing a walkthrough.

Rob Cole: Yeah, we do. We do a walkthrough. We take a look at … Installation is kind of half the battle, and you could have a perfect window, but if it’s installed improperly, you know, you’re going to have a bad outcome. So, we want to make sure the install is going to go smoothly, as well.

But we come to the house. One, I want to show you the window. We have a great window. I want to show you some of those features. Believe it or not, all vinyl windows are not the same. There are some different performance capabilities of different windows, and so I want to show you those, physically show you those, so you can touch and feel, and demonstrate what you’re getting. It’s a large dollar purchase, and I want to make sure you’re comfortable with that purchase.

I’ll go into a little bit more information about our company, and how we do install, and then we’ll be able to work up that quote at that time of visit, and give it to you right then and there.

Jeremy Ashburn:  So, if you have any further questions, the best way for people to reach out to you would be to call you, and that’s 828-628-0911, or AllianceWNC.com.

Rob Cole: Yep. Thanks, Jeremy.

Jeremy Ashburn: Thanks a lot.


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  • Rob and his team at Alliance are wonderful! I had all the windows replaced in my very old house. From start to finish, they were very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing work done. 5 star service!!!

    -Jennifer D.

    5 Star Rating

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  • Rob is the best! He is an honest salesman and it made all the difference in our experience. We are thrilled with our new double-paned windows. The noise control is amazing and they look wonderful. We were also amazed by how fast his installer got the job done. Rob’s customer service is definitely the highlight of our experience. We would recommend him to anyone!

    -Carlisle R.

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  • I took 3 estimates on my window and door job for my older condo. Alliance had the best price and it appeared they were offering a superior product at that better price. Of course I went with Alliance and they installed just a couple days after the intended installation time frame. The job was done very efficiently and without incident.

    -Matthew C.

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