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Windows Buying Guide

Windows Buying Guide

Buying New Windows?

When you begin the search for new windows, you will find that there is a wide selection of styles, prices, and options to consider. But with the wide selection of windows, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of which windows are best for you. Here is what you need to know in order to make that decision a little easier.

Get Energy Efficient Windows that will Eventually Pay for Themselves

Make this the summer that you say enough is enough! Get rid of your old and leaky windows once and for all. Old windows are leaky windows which means that all of your air conditioned air is leaking out the window in the hot summer. In the winter months, your heated air is also flying out the window. So, no matter what your thermostat says your house is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Oh, did I mention that your energy bills are extremely HIGH as well? Replacing your old windows can help save you money on your heating or cooling bills, while adding value to the resale value of your home.

Taking Replacement Window Installation to a Whole New Level

With temps heating up you know it’s smart to get your central air unit checked out to make sure they are in tip top shape before the triple digit weather gets here, and the same is true with your windows. If you have old windows that leak, all of your air conditioned air is flying out the window. So who cares if your AC units are working or not! Local realtors say one of the best home improvements you can make is new, energy efficient replacement windows. Not only will they eventually pay for themselves with energy savings, you will get a large ROI, (return on investment.) Expect a whopping 80% back! Your windows and doors are key to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. A large part of wasted energy in homes and other building stem from outdated or failing windows.

Get Back 80% of your Investment & Get Energy Efficient Windows

If you’re in the market for new replacement windows for your home, you’re about to make about as good of an investment as you can make! No kidding there! Not only will you get to enjoy a cool house in the summer and a warm house in the winter, you will get to enjoy significantly lower energy bills! Plus, experts say, energy efficient windows are so smart, you can expect to get back a whopping 80% of what you put in!

Stop Throwing your Money out the Window

Many people say they can’t afford new windows. If that’s something that’s comes out of your mouth, energy experts have one piece of advice. You can’t afford not to invest in new Energy Star windows! No matter what your budget, there is an energy efficient window just right for you and we here at Alliance Windows in Asheville, North Carolina can help.

The Perfect Window if you Love a Fabulous View

If you really enjoy looking at the beautiful outdoors from the comfort of your living room or any other room in your house, we have the perfect solution for you! And like all Alliance Windows and Siding products, our North Carolina Bow window, is hands down the highest quality you will find in our gorgeous state. Aside from offering amazing views of the great outdoors they are exceptionally energy-efficient, helping to lower your heating and cooling costs and even improve its resale value. They are designed for a lifetime of performance and maintenance freedom.

You Can’t Afford NOT to Replace your Old, Leaky Windows

Replacement Windows are extremely important to your house for a number of reasons and it’s a good idea to make every effort to ensure they are in good condition, or have new ones installed. Windows are important to the aesthetic nature of your house because they stand out. They are the first things people see when they arrive.  The light your windows let in can improve the ambiance of your house, affect the indoor temperature and the comfort of the occupants.

Vinyl Windows Rank High for Energy Efficiency, Ease of Use, and Value

When  it comes to home investments, it’s really hard to beat the bang for your buck that vinyl windows will give you. Not only will replacing your old, leaky windows add instant value to your house, they will also give you a large ROI, (return on investment.) Vinyl windows allow you to enjoy long-lasting performance, low maintenance and lower energy bills at a value price.

When Choosing Kitchen Windows think about Function First

When it comes to kitchens, windows are an important feature that can single handedly make your space light and airy. Choosing the best kitchen windows for your house can make a huge difference in appeal, convenience and space. While some windows like casement, double hung and sliders provide ease of use, others such as garden, bay and bow windows give you a place to store things without taking up already limited counter space which can make the time you spend cooking and cleaning much more pleasant.

Make a Smart Investment & Recoup 80% Back with Bow Replacement Windows!

Bow Windows from Alliance Windows of Asheville, North Carolina are such a great choice for your home for so many reasons. For starters, added interior space, a larger viewing area and increased lighting and are custom designed and manufactured to fit the exact size of your home. These are just a few benefits these elegant windows add to your home.

See What Our Customers Think

  • Rob and his team at Alliance are wonderful! I had all the windows replaced in my very old house. From start to finish, they were very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing work done. 5 star service!!!

    -Jennifer D.

    5 Star Rating

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  • Rob is the best! He is an honest salesman and it made all the difference in our experience. We are thrilled with our new double-paned windows. The noise control is amazing and they look wonderful. We were also amazed by how fast his installer got the job done. Rob’s customer service is definitely the highlight of our experience. We would recommend him to anyone!

    -Carlisle R.

    5 Star Rating

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  • I took 3 estimates on my window and door job for my older condo. Alliance had the best price and it appeared they were offering a superior product at that better price. Of course I went with Alliance and they installed just a couple days after the intended installation time frame. The job was done very efficiently and without incident.

    -Matthew C.

    5 Star Rating

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